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Analogue sounding poly synths
synth1Synth 1, by Ichiro Toda, an emulation of Nordlead 2, is a 2 oscillators synth with a rather acid sound, much easier to set than Crystal, but very stable and efficient. With it, you can do many things (it has an arpeggiator, 1 stereo chorus/flanger, 1 delay, a bit of FM). Its quality and flexibility make it a very good synth. Its interface is not very nice, but it sounds very well...
The factory presets are not the best, so download better ones from KvR, Patcharena or Nolwenn (see Friend links page) where you will find many of them
(it is undoubtedly the most famous free vsti). This synth is a must have too...

Superwave P8, with rich fat stereo sound (perhaps the most fat sounding free synth), is a beautiful looking 8 voices polyphonic synth (as beautiful as well finished commercial synths), perfectly stable, and one of the most renowned, especailly good for techno... A must-have too. Superwave has developed 3 other synths, but commercial ones, with the same design. 


Lallapallooza Lite by Buzzroom, is also one of the best in the list, able to give big and rather acid sound, with a good looking but dark interface, full of parameters (3 Osc, 3 Lfo, 3 delays, 1 overdrive, 1 arpeggiator, and so on)... "Lite" in its name does not mean anything (no limitation). Very good and versatile. See "Download OLD buzzroom VST Plugins Pack" at the bottom of the page :


Impulse by Bo Johansen (Bojo), previously commercial, is free now. This 16 voices polyphonic synth has a discreet interface, but is versatile, with its specific stereo mode, its 2 Lfo with 8 waveforms (among many other components), its added stereo effects (chorus, flanger, delay), and it sounds very good to my ears : it can be punchy, fat, but also warm, soft, sweet, and it is rather rare in free synths. Considering that the difference remains large, the softness and warmness of Impulse make me think of Arturia's sound. It comes with a preset manager. Definitely one of my very favourites.

kx-omniKXOmni 600 by KX77free, is the result of Xavier Kalenski's work, a french overdemanding developer who made it with synthedit, but with many improvements, because he makes his own modules when synthedit is not good enough for his projects. Those modules (like the "KXmod" one) are supposed to give more life and analogical irregularity to the synth. And it works (though it sounds rather cold) ! With many components, this synth requires some knowledge in synthesis... A very good instrument, at the top of the free synths, it gives beautiful analogical leads. Xavier's site, where he gives you many useful indications about synthesis, is also in english... Try it !
square1Square 1 by rgc Audio is now freeware, and it is a real bargain, because it is one of the very best free analogue substractive synths. 3 Oscillators with 9 waveforms each, noise generator, 32 voice polyphonic, advanced  adjustment for each oscillator, Low/High pass filter, 3 envelopes, 4 LFO's, for pitch, filter, amplifier and random Wave selector, built-in effects : autopan, chorus, stereo delay, stereo spread and 2 band equalizer, and also aftertouch... A rather big one which sounds warm, thick, fat, clear, clean, smooth, very good for pads, brass and so on... A must-have.

nitroxNitrox by Sonic Lion is an analogue type poly synth (up to 16 voices), with 3 oscillators and many modulation possibilities (PWM, FM, Hard Sync, AM, Ring...), 5 inbuilt and 5 custom waveforms, 3 wave shapers, 2 stereo filters, effects bank with 3 independent effect units (chorus/flanger, phaser, echo, reverb, filter, formant), several modulation sources (5 ADSRs, 4 LFOs, 5 custom envelopes, 5 mini sequencers), and automation... Its sound is not the big fat one, but has something special, original, nice, sweet and clear, not very far from FM or additive synthesis... Donationware. Registration required...

arppe 2600Arppe 2600 va by Glen Stegner (Voltkitchen group), one of the Gunnar Ekornas' acolytes (Minimogue), is made with synthedit too. It tries to emulate a semi-modular mono synth, the ARP 2600, one of the most renowned 70's synths. Of course, it is not as good as Arturia's or Way Out Ware's emulations, but it has rather dirty Osc, like the original instrument, and it sounds very nicely, not in the same way than so many free synths. I like it very much... The modulation matrix makes the thing hard to set for a beginner.

Hahaha CS33 by Per Thulin, is a 2 Osc polyphonic synth made with synthedit after the Yamaha CS 30. It is not the best, but it is interesting and sounds rather well, with 2 OSC, 1 filter, 1 LFO, 2 enveloppes, and addied effects, like a distortion, a reverb, a delay and a chorus. The GUI is very clear and easy to use.

antti asynth
ASynth by Antti Huovilainen attemptes to emulate analogical sound and is focussed on the 2 Osc and the 3 filters, casting all effects aside. And, at first sight, it is a bit frustrating because, without delay, chorus, stereo, pan and so on, the sound does not seem impressive or spectacular to the beginner. But it is an excellent polyphonic synth, with a very fine and first-class texture. The 3 filters emulate famous hardware ones : Korg MS-20, MiniMoog and Oberheim XPander... A must-have. Please consider that it is donationware. 

daedalusDaedalus by NorthernBeat Audio is a 8 voices poly-synth, beautiful looking, with 2 sync osc, 2 lfo, a multimode filter, 1 ring modulator, 3 envelopes (osc, filter, vca), unison mode, detune, 1 chorus, 1 delay, and a basic arpeggiator. It has also extended midi functions for pitch bend, portamento, and aftertouch. The resulting sound is a good quality classic analogue style, versatile but a bit too clean. Donationware, the free version opens a short nagscreen on start, and allows to make banks with only 16 presets instead of 128...
PolyIblit by Andreas Ersson is a 32 voices polyphonic version of Iblit, and comes with more features. Like Iblit, it is not sterephonic and has no additional effects, but with 4 waveforms instead of 2 per Osc, 2 DCA, 2 filters instead of one, 4 sync Lfo with speed and amplitude modulation, 4 envelopes, it sounds very "analogue". A very good one.

Vst Host GUI
JX 10 by mda (maxim digital audio) is a rather old and misappreciated polyphonic synth that has no interface. But it is a very good 2 oscillators synth, without added effect, that has a stunning analogical texture... With a GUI, it would be so nice and much more used... win / mac
http://www.mda-vst.com/  or

DreamStation Dxi2 by Audio Simulation, is an old commercial win98-looking synth, that became freeware. It is a 16 voices polyphonic substractive and FM synth with 3 osc, 12dB/24 dB per octave filters, and many other things that make it a really good sounding one. It supports 32bits/96Khz. Bread and butter synth, it is Dx and needs to be converted to vst by using DX Shell... Don't miss it.

rjxpRJXP by efm (ele4music) is supposed to be an emulation of a Roland JX-8P. I do not know if it is faithful, but, if you like the famous evolving rythmic sequence in "On the Run" (Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd), originally made with an EMS Synthi A, you will love the preset 7 ! With unisson mode, it produces fat, thick, gorgious arp/sequences. Just a few presets, and the GUI is grey and sad, inspired by the Roland PG800 module.

jx synth

JX Synth, previously commercial and now free, renowned yesterday but almost old fashioned today, is a 2 oscillators analog poly synth, that remains usable and pleasant by giving rather good and non stereo fresh sounds. Many presets on Patcharena. 

osiris 6

Osiris 6 by Neko Synthesizers is a 6 voices polyphonic synth with 2 0sc, 2 Lfo and 2 filters. It is good for pads, arpeggios, and sounds rich and large, with relief and a granular texture. With added effects like 1 arpeggiator, 1 chorus, 1 flanger, 1 delay and 1 echo it can produce some good presets, it is easy to use and very efficient.

u-no-62U-NO-62 by Togu Audio Line emulates the Roland Juno-6, a 80's typical 6 voices polyphonic synth, with only one DCO, that seems rather poor to me, mainly used for basses. The result is good and close to the original. By far not the best of your synth collection, but it works fine. win / mac

Elek7roElek7ro by Togu Audio Line again, more interesting than U-NO-62, is a mono/poly analogue substractive synth, with 2 VCO (4 waveforms, PW and FM), 1 sub, 2 LFO (8 destinations), 1 12/18dB LP filter, 1 mixer, portamento etc... Like all TAL synths, it sounds very well, precise, thick, fat, with deep basses, and has a very appreciated analogue colour. Very good for big bass lines, it can also make many other things... No inbuilt effects. win / mac

gtg-k1GTG K 1, by GTG too, is a rather good 8 voices polyphonic synth, not as rich as NK1001 or Sputnik, but it is decent, and, with its 2 Osc, 2 Lfo, 1 stereo chorus and 1 stereo delay, produces pretty cheezy and sweepy string pads. It can make also nice basses... Try Unit1 and GTG 13, JP7A and Kwop 7 too...

cra-6CRA-6 by Buzzroom, is an efficient polyphonic synth, especially for clean and thick leads. Without effects, like Asynth, JX 10 and Iblit (see farther), it is less elegant than them, because of a smoother texture. Rather basic but clear and easy to use interface. A good one. Direct download :

ilo synth
Ilo-Synth 1 by Tolga Gurpinar, is a 2 oscillators polyphonic synth, with 2 Lfo, 2 filters etc. It is not the best of the list, but it sounds nice, clear, rather sweet. With its delay and chorus, it produces rather beautiful 80's pads and glassy leads... Its GUI is simple and too large but nice. Easy to use.


CeloX made several decent synths, and, among them, MegaCeloX is probably the best one. This stereo 6 voices polyphonic synth sounds a bit like Superwave P8 (but not as good as this excellent one), and is rather cheezy. It has 3 Osc, 2 multi-mode filters, 2 Lfo and so on... and a stereo delay. It can produce rather fat pads, sweet leads and FM-like keys... No more available, so download it there :

black and whiteBlack and White has a much more minimal interface, and is almost unknown, but it sounds as good as MegaCeloX. Polyphonic, with its 2 Osc, 2 filters, 2 envelopes etc, and a delay, it seems thicker than it. Rather good...
At the moment, this synth, like MegaceloX, is not available anywhere, so you can download it there :

Oxytocin, by Novaflash, is a rather complex 9 voices polyphonic substractive synth (with some FM added), in a beta version at the moment. Coming with a beautiful GUI (like all Novaflash products), its 2 Osc, 2 Lfo, 1 ring modulator, filters, dirtortion, arpeggiator, 2 step sequencers, delay, reverb, chorus, spatializer, and other components, with envelopes everywhere, allow to produce very interesting fat and thick sounds, for rather deep leads, arpeggios, sequences and so on. Try it. A very good one. Consumes a lot of CPU.

Phasm, by Novaflash too, has 4 Oscs, 2 envelopes, 2 Lfo, 2 filters, some effects (disto, delay...), and a joystick. Carefully skinned, like Novaflash products, it has an easy-to-use and clear GUI, and it makes soft, smooth, mellow metallic sounds for delicate pads. A very good one.
Oatmeal by Fuzzpliz is a very special thing with its unusual own personality. To understand why it is so much spoken about it on KvR, here, and there, you must try it... Very versatile, it has too many components to list them here. Among many other nice things, it has the most complex and complete arpeggiator i know, that allows you to do many kinds of sequences. The whole thing is not easy to set, but, fortunately, Fuzzpilz created for Oatmeal the most efficient and easy to use randomise function i know... So you can easily create new (good) presets, just by clicking this button. The basic factory GUI is a bit confused, not clear, but Fuzzpilz made it skinnable ! So, friendly developers made some nice skins for it... It is not a vintage synth, and it sounds rather cold, numerical, Reaktor like (to my ears...), but it is a very good synth.
To get a full pack with the last version of the synth, and all the presets and skins made for it :

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