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History of the site






- 11-14-2005 : "Le site de Burnie" on line, but only in french ! Available soundbanks : The sf2 Blanchet-1720 version 1.0, and the sf2 Ghent carillon.

- 11-19-2005 : addition of a sound example for the Blanchet-1720, François Couperin's 
“Les Papillons”, in mp3 format (128 k), made with a rather bad midi file.

- 11-20-2005 : addition of a second sound example for the Blanchet-1720,
François Couperin's “Les Barricades mystérieuses”, in mp3 format (128 k), made with a rather bad midi file.

- 11-25-2005 : new page added, in french, "Liens de sites amis".

- 12-12-2005 : addition of the "Liste de burnie", only in french, putting to gether in the same list the best free virtual instruments.

- 06-20-2006 : the site is partially updated. Dead links are removed, and the links in the "Liste of burnie" are activated.

- 06-23-2006 : the site is completely remade in Nvu, Open Source html editor, and many bugs are fixed. Vignettes are added to the "Liste de Burnie", which is updated.

- 07-05-2006 : sound examples are added to the "Liste de burnie".

- 07-10-2006 : links to pictures of full-scaled instruments are added to the "Liste de Burnie", which is still only in french.

- 07-15-2006 : visual aspect of the site is changed.

- 07-20-2006 : addition of a page devoted to Mats Helgesson's Maestro concert Grand, which is now hosted and distributed on our site.

- 08-07-2006 : "Burnie's site", the english translation of "Le site de Burnie" is started. Difficult and long job !

- 08-14-2006 : at last, the site is (almost) bilingual !

- 05-11-2007 : a new page for a new soundbank of a house organ.

- 07-07-2007 : small changes in colours...

- 11-03-2007 : first BCR 2000 presets.

- 02-02-2008 : Kontakt 2 version of the House organ and the complete Blanchet-1720 on line.

- 02-21-2008 : a new free soundbank of a harpsichord, "The 17th Small Italian", is available in kontakt 2 version.

- 02-25-2008 : another bank online, just a grandfather clock, in Kontakt 2 format.

- 03-01-2008 : two sound demos for the Small Italian and two others for the Ghent Carillon added.

- 03-02-2008 : two sound demos for the Maestro Concert Grand added.

- 03-04-2008 : sf2 version of the 17th Small Italian, without release samples, added.

- 06-14-2008 : New version of Burnie's List on line, after complete reorganization.

- 06-17-2008 : A new page in Burnie's list about usable
commercial demos.

- 07-20-2008 : The site is divided in two. Burnie's Site has a new skin, and the soundbanks have now their own exclusive site : 
Soni Musicae

- 11-09-2008 : because of the ambiguity of its french name, the site gets a new name : "The Best Free Synths".

- 10-2009 : a page about "bundles" added, the whole site updated, and some old things removed...